How many times have extolled the smell of food, saying things like “there’s nothing like the smell of food… it wets the appetite…”
Then, we’d always hear a joyful voice, proudly exclaiming: “bon appetite”.

Experienced housewives and skilled chefs value and admire the ability to select spices that give food the flavor and the familiar aroma that satisfy people’s expectations. They are all too familiar with the large discrepancy between a good spice, raised in its native surroundings, and other imitation or blended spices.

Skilled chefs trust Subhi Nakhly brand spices, which are imported raw. They are delivered to the end consumer using advanced technology, which guarantees that the spices’ original flavor is preserved after the spices are processed and ground.

Mr. Subhi Nakhly said:
Arab consumers in all parts of the Arab world have a discerning taste that can pick out unique flavors. At Nakhly’s factories, we take pride in our production process, which has helped us meet the demands of our customers and deliver spices of the highest quality, which have maintained their original flavor. Day after day, we receive enthusiastic positive reactions from people that use Subhi Nakhly spices, who attest to how the spices add a delicious flavor to their food.”

These wonderful responses increase our accountability towards our Arab consumers and skilled chefs, who expect to be supplied with the best products on the market.

We should also mention that Subhi Nakhly distributes its spices in small packages that are specially designed both to allow Arab housewives to use these products easily and to preserve the spices’ quality and freshness.

Subhi Nakhly Spice Factories also markets its products to professional customers, such as chefs, restaurants and various institutions, in custom packages.