Nakhly Red Coffee

Authentic Nakhly Coffee

Forty years ago, Sobhi Nakhly started his career in roasting and preparing original Arabic coffee in a small roaster in Shefa Amr near Nazareth. By then he has learnt its secret blend from his ancestors and how to prepare it the right way and according to the original household recipe.

Since it was first promoted, Sobhi Nakhly’s coffee gained praise from whoever tastes it, due to its strong unique flavor; distinguished blend; thick contexture and high quality preparation. Whoever tasted it, could easily distinguish it, saying: “that is the true original Arabic coffee”.

Demand increased on Sobhi Nakhly’s coffee and soon it became well-known in the place, which pushed Sobhi Nakhly to establish a superfine Arabic coffee production factory, combining ancestors’ long experience and the secret of making true Arabic coffee with the original oriental flavor, employing state-of-the-art suitable technologies without losing on the true identity of the high quality product. This marked the birth of the original “red pack” Nakhly coffee, which was also registered as a trademark.

To permanently improve the product quality, coffee experts in Sobhi nakhly’s factory are contracting their own coffee beans farms and personally accompany and supervise the coffee beans farming, harvesting, preparing and importing to the factory, where the production process begins.

Red-pack Nakhly coffee widely spread and entered every Arab house. It became a true national symbol and a source of pride in all Arab cities and towns in the holy lands; Galilee, the Triangle, Al-Naqab and the rest of Palestine. The expatriates in USA and Europe are also keen on requesting the guests visiting home to bring Naghla coffee for them.

Today, production lines for Sobhi Naghla & Sons factories have been expanded to be among the first in the Middle East and to meet the increasing demand all over the world!

In addition to the original red pack Nakhly coffee, Sobhi Nakhly & Sons factories are also producing espresso, Abu Salma Coffee and different types of nuts, spices and pulses according to the highest world standards and without losing on the original oriental flavor, long combined with ancestors’ experience and high technologies.